Just the Right Fit
Finding the top talent for your organization is a full-time job. That's why we are here. At Marshall Grace & Company, we do all the heavy lifting. We take the time to understand your organization, your culture, and your needs. The best companies have teams of people that work so well together, they improve and even inspire each other to reach new levels of achievement. We work with our clients in much the same way, as part of a team that is committed to finding and hiring the right people at the pace your business demands.
Customized Solutions. Real World Pace.

Marshall Grace & Company offers a full range of recruiting services designed to meet your local, national,
and global hiring needs - at the pace your business demands.

All our services are focused on meeting your company's individual cultural and business goals. No preconceived notions, only carefully crafted solutions designed to achieve specific hiring objectives. We understand that round pegs do not fit in square holes.

Our industry leading recruiting services include:

Permanent Placement
We specialize in providing search and recruitment services for your senior, mid-level, and professional positions using a wide range of search techniques, including Retained, Contingency, Project, and Global Search.

Large-Scale Recruitment
Through a single point of contact and a customized project management plan, we execute a high-touch and streamlined approach to meet your large scale and global hiring initiatives.
How To Engage Us

Whether your hiring needs call for retained, contingency, contract or large-scale search and recruitment services, we offer the flexibility you need. Contact us to learn more and to discuss your needs.
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